Margherita Pizza£6.99
Cheese and tomato sauce.

Choose Four£7.99
Add any 4 toppings to our cheese and tomato pizza to make your special creation.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza£7.99
Mushroom, green pepper, onion, sweetcorn, black olive, slice tomato.

Vegetarian Sizzler Pizza£7.99
Mushroom, mixed peper, red onion, tomato, green chilli, jalapeno.

Farm House Pizza£7.99
Turkey ham, mushroom.

Hawallan Pizza£7.99
Turkey ham, pineapple.

Chicken Supereme Pizza£8.99
Chicken, mushroom, green pepper, red onion, sweet corn, black olive.

Hot and Sizzler Pizza£8.99
Seasoned minced beef, onion, jalapeno, sliced tomoato, green chilli, tabasco.

BBQ Special Pizza£8.99
Seasoned minced beef, mixed pepper, turkey ham, pepperoni, onion with bbq sauce.

BBQ Chicken Pizza£8.99
Bbq chicken, mushroom, roasted garlic, onion with bbq sauce.

Seafood Pizza£8.99
Prawn, tuna, anchovy, onion.

Meat Lover Pizza£8.99
Tukey ham, seasoned minced beef, chicken, pepperoni.

Pizza Bite Tandoori Pizza£8.99
Tandoori chicken, red onion, green pepper, mushroom, jalapeno, green chillies.

Spicy Chicken Mix Pizza£8.99
Tandoori chicken, bbq chicken, mushroom, ixed pepper, onion, jalapeno, green chilli.

Pepperoni Plus Pizza£8.99
Double pepperoni, double cheese.

Pizza Bite Special Pizza£8.99
Turkey ham, mushroom, onion, greeen pepper, peppeoni, chicken, beef miced, sweetcorn, jalapeno, sliced tomato.

Pizza Bite Meat Feast Pizza£8.99
Roasted garlic, tandoori chicken, seasoned minced beef, red onion, green chillis, jalapenoes, tomato with tabasco sauce.

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